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Cadillac pushes the boundaries of iconic design and artful engineering with an unswerving passion for innovation. The result: a range of luxury autos that fully realize the potential of those fortunate enough to drive one.

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CUE blends innovative technology with highly intelligent design to create
an experience that’s as effortless as it is advanced.

CUE is as intuitive as it is advanced. Spread your fingers to zoom in closeron a map. Swipe to breeze through your music. Simply speak to effortlesslyplace a phone call or change your music. Considering that it can even detectyour hand as it approaches the vibrant 8-inch LCD touch screen, interactingwith CUE couldn’t be easier. And when the icon is touched, the screen pulsesto acknowledge the command, letting you keep your eyes safely

on the road. On select models, you can even configure the gauge cluster (Available) tofind the layout of information that perfectly suits you.​


Welcome to your personal concert hall. Indulge your auditory senses with the available 14-speaker Bose® Studio Surround® Sound system designed exclusively for the XTS. Complete with two Personal® speakers on the top of each front seat, the sound not only surrounds, it immerses.​


With eight ultrasonic motion detectors, six Doppler radar sensors and a high-definition Smart Camera taking ten pictures every second, the 2016 Cadillac XTS luxury sedan doesn’t just watch the road. It analyzes it. And relays that information directly to you. The Cadillac XTS-exclusive Safety Alert Seat sends an immediate pulse through the seat cushion, either right, left, or simultaneously, to warn you of the direction of a potential hazard. Adaptive Cruise Control uses radar to maintain a preset distance between the Cadillac XTS and other vehicles. Front and Rear Automatic Braking detects large objects you may not see to help prevent certan low-speed collisions by applying the brakes for you.​


To help ensure you’re seeing the area around your Cadillac XTS when backing up, a series of cameras work together to provide a birdseye view of the vehicle and the areas immediately surrounding it. This view, projected on the Cadillac CUE screen, helps increase your awareness, and that helps everyone.​

We crafted the Cadillac XTS luxury sedan to the minutest detail, so the moment you get behind the wheel you feel inspired. The wraparound instrument panel blends seamlessly into the upper doors to create an uninterrupted sense of spaciousness, while fine leather seating, exotic wood trim and brushed metal provide sublime surroundings for every journey you take in the Cadillac XTS.

Opus full-leather seating is not only exceptionally supple, but so meticulously detailed that even the inside edges of the cooling perforations reveal a subtle hint of contrasting color. And leather envelops the Cadillac sedan’s instrument panel and floor console, even flowing down the doors to the floor.​


At Cadillac, we don’t stop when the sun goes down. Neither should your car’s interior design. Experience how the available Ambient Interior Lighting highlights the ingenious cabin details of the XTS.​


The cabin in the all-new XTS rewards each passenger individually. Pressure- mapping technology was used extensively to optimize front-seat comfort, and rear passengers enjoy separate control of the available tri-zone climate system.​


The welcome warmth of an available heated steering wheel is the perfect antidote for a cold winter morning.​


From the smartly placed mobile device holder to the center control panel that ingeniously glides open, every minute millimeter of the XTS reveals yet another brilliantly engineered space.​



The chiseled, angular skin of the Cadillac XTS luxury sedan wasn’t just designed to turn heads; like all Cadillac sedans it slices through the air, improving performance and mitigating noise. The distinctive, sloping grille is integrated into the overall design of the XTS so seamlessly that the final effect is both subtly detailed and yet convincingly stated. Directional High-intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps react to the luxury sedan’s speedand steering, directing light precisely into your path of travel. And dynamic20” wheels feature a brilliant polished finish and chrome inserts that perfectly complement the design of the XTS



With ten standard airbags, the new XTS is as defensive as it is dynamic. 

It even includes the added protection of progressive driver and frontpassenger knee airbags. Not because it’s required, but because it’s Cadillac.​


To help light the way at night, the XTS is available with Adaptive Forward Lighting. Employing sensors to determine the car’s speed and steering,

the headlamps swivel to cast light precisely into your path of travel.​