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Cadillac sales hit 18% growth

Middle east second highest growth market

The Middle East continues to cement its position as a key market for Cadillac, which reported 18% year to date sales growth in the region.

This makes the region one of the highest growth markets for the brand globally, second only to Mexico.

Felix Weller, Managing Director for Cadillac Middle East said that the brand’s focus on breaking away from convention has been the key driver behind the brand’s success.

“We have been focusing on differentiating ourselves. We concentrate on unique design, advanced technologies and emotive driving dynamics. This makes Cadillac bold but not ostentatious, and we are delighted that more and more customers here are identifying with that,” he said.

The flagship Escalade SUV continues to grow in popularity, with a 60% increase in sales over last year. At the other end of the scale, sales of the entry-level ATS range were up 16%.

The increasing growth in popularity of Cadillac has given rise to an aggressive portfolio expansion plan that will see the introduction of eight new vehicles over the next few years. It is a plan that this region has already played a role in.

“Cadillac takes its Middle East market very seriously, which is why it was a strategic decision to hold the global reveal of the first-ever XT5 crossover in Dubai last month,” Weller said.

“During the Dubai International Motor Show we also hosted the regional debut of the CT6 prestige sedan. This received a very warm welcome at our Motor Show stand; I never saw the car without people in or around it.”

Two more vehicles in the new lineup, the performance ATS-V and CTS-V Series are due to hit showrooms in the coming weeks.