Founded in 1988, National Motor Company (NMC) is one of the leading automotive distributors in Bahrain and represents Honda, Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac. NMC is also part of the publicly listed Bahrain Commercial Facilities Company (BCFC), which also owns Bahrain Credit, a leading financial institution of the island.National Motor Company WLL is a limited liability company owned by Bahrain Commercial Facility Company (also known as Tas'heelat).BCFC became a public share holding company in 1993. Besides offering automobile products and services through National Motor CompanyNational Motor Company offers an extensive range of products to suit every budget, from entry level models to the top end of the luxury market.

National Motors employ more than 500 employees and operates through four outlets: Enhance the ownership experience of our customers in pursuance of lifetime loyalty

Create value for our shareholders through consistent and continuous growth of business Provide a working environment for our employees that encourage initiative, recognizes efforts and rewards performance

To be valued and admired as the premier automotive distributor in the Kingdom of Bahrain

One of the unique attributes of the new state-of-the art facility is the "drive-in" service reception, located alongside the new showrooms. There will be a total of six covered drive-in lanes serving Honda and General Motors Brands, which have been designed to ensure that customers are able to check-in their vehicles immediately on arrival.

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